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Golf carts that you are likely familiar with from the golf course come standard with 8" wheels and 18" tires. Many carts can be found in neighborhoods around Orlando, and thoughout Florida, with standard 8" wheels still in use. One of the easiest upgrades a golf cart owner can make to their cart is to replace the original wheels with 10" wheels. If they use low-profile tires as well the overall height of the golf cart won't even change. This is important for people with diminished physical capabilities when it comes to getting into vehicles. Changing the tires to a higher profile will adjust the seating height of the golf cart while slightly increasing the top speed. Our 10" golf cart wheels are available in brushed aluminum, chrome, black and red options. Club Car and Ezgo cars use standard lug nuts, Yamaha carts require metric lug nuts. These options are required information when ordering a new set of golf cart wheels.

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