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The Eco Battery lithium bundles are the premium lithium battery option for Navitas golf carts. They have created three battery options for your consideration. The Eco Battery flagship option is the 51 volt 105 aH battery which provides 40 to 45 miles of range. The second golf cart lithium battery option from Eco Battery is a 51 volt option with a whopping 160 amp hours! Many people understand what the voltage means, but are not as clear to what amp hours mean. Basically, it means how much fuel you have in the tank! It translates into how much distance you can travel with a full battery. Factors like constant high speed and aggresive acceleration will shorten the run time of the battery. The accepted range on a 160 aH battery is 60 to 65 miles per charge! Now, if you want more power, you want to pop those front wheels off the ground or climb some hills, the 70 volt Eco Battery with 105 aH brings the oomph!

All Eco Battery Bundles are currently 10% OFF!

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